18qm – Small stands, major impact

LGI is a young company with a long tradition. Two market leaders in their industries joined forces to create Logistics Group International in 1995. Since then, LGI has only been in the fast lane. LGI is growing by an average of 20% per year. Today, it has approximately 3,000 motivated employees at more than 45 locations around the world putting innovative, turnkey logistics concepts into action.

Although one of the largest players in the industry, LGI has not attended transport logistic in Munich for many years, but has instead used the trade fair accompanying the BVL conference in Berlin as the highlight of its trade fair calendar. And LGI has been garnering lots of attention there with its small and extremely eye-catching trade fair concepts designed by fairconcept and medienformer in Stuttgart.

Always true to the brand slogan “Made in Quality,” eight different themes have been used, including a classy snack stand, a gentlemen’s club, an aqua lounge, and many others. We’re proud to say that the LGI stand has been one of the highlights of the BVL trade fair for years and has become the must-see attraction that many other exhibitors make sure to check out the night before: “Let’s see what LGI’s up to this year.”




LGI – Logistics Group International


Booth concept, tender/RFP and purchasing, project management and handover