Trade fair training


International specialists from different sectors come together for three or four days to tackle some mammoth tasks: nurturing relationships with existing customers, generating projects, product launches, after-sales communication and service, handling visitors, etc. All of this needs to work smoothly and with the highest level of hospitality. Without preparation, what usually results is creative chaos and a lot of fun, but losing sight of the visitors who could be your next customers.


Get everyone on board to discuss and develop the best way to address visitors (potential customers) as a team. Clarify positions, decision-making processes, and how to handle difficult situations. Make a change of perspective possible for everyone, switching out who’s up to bat and who’s playing outfield.


Different perspectives and opinions are taken into account and a common understanding and approach is agreed. Always with individual wiggle room for maximum visitor focus and a lot of fun on the day.




Briefing, develop and implement workshop approach, involvement of managers, prepare and document team results