Thanks to storytelling, even the smallest trade fair stands have a big impact, with the audience and within the company.

LGI Logisitcs Group International

Big impact with storytelling on small stands

Messestand LGI auf dem BVL Kongress in Berlin von fairconcept
Messestand LGI auf dem BVL Kongress in Berlin von fairconcept

The customer

With around 5,000 employees at over 45 locations worldwide, LGI Logistics Group International GmbH is one of the largest contract logistics providers in Germany. Customers are primarily from the automotive, electronics, industry, healthcare and fashion sectors.

LGI plans, organises and implements logistics concepts along the entire supply chain of companies. As a medium-sized company, LGI’s logistics experts are in direct competition with international brands such as DHL, TNT, Schenker, Fiege and UPS.

How to become a visitor magnet with less than 20 square metres.

Together with our friends from medienformer in Stuttgart, we told 12 stories for LGI on less than 18 square metres each and packed them into a three-dimensional space. We turned our client into a visitor magnet at the BVL Congress in Berlin. Countless generated leads testify to this.

“After a multi-stage pitch, we had decided on a new creative partner to take the development of the LGI brand forward.
The team led by Alexander Gnauck and Lars Lockemann did an excellent job of moderating the brand development process and, with creative ideas, ensured that the awareness of the LGI brand was significantly increased. with creative ideas, ensured that the level of awareness of the LGI brand improved significantly.”

Markus Ziegler

BU Manager

Messestand von LGI auf dem BVL Kongress in Berlin


Live communication plays an important role at LGI when it comes to building relationships with interested parties and maintaining relationships with customers. In logistics, analogue live highlights are few and far between in the annual calendar: transport logistic in Munich as the leading global trade fair and the BVL Congress in Berlin, although its trade exhibition only plays a subordinate role for many companies, despite a top-class audience.

Clicking questions

  • Where and, above all, how can the LGI achieve the greatest reach and the greatest interest for the given budget? At the trade fair, where a lot of resources have to be used to communicate against invisibility, or at the congress, where an above-average effect can be achieved on a small area?
  • How can a service that is comparable at first glance be communicated in such a way that it attracts the attention and enthusiasm of visitors?


At the time, LGI decided against participating in transport logistic in Munich and instead chose the BVL Congress as its highlight. The aim here is to achieve the greatest possible impact at the highest decision-making level in the smallest possible space and in a very short time.

We always started with the common theme: A story that forms the framework for all media in the phases before, during and after the trade fair, that conveys messages and topics and at the same time stands out from the usual uniformity in B2B communication. Attention and reach are important.

Messestand von LGI auf dem BVL Kongress in Berlin
Messestand von LGI auf dem BVL Kongress in Berlin
Messestand von LGI auf dem BVL Kongress in Berlin

With the decision for the congress, the framework was set:


    • It is (almost) impossible to shine with architecture alone on 20 square metres.
    • Congress visitors do not necessarily want to be entertained with detailed product features after long lecture sessions.


The fact that people like to be entertained also applies to B2B communication.
These considerations led to the creation of big stories in a small space. Stories that entertain, that arouse curiosity, that invite people to come in and join in and, above all, stories that have built a bridge for sales into product communication.

  • “All waters are equal” – for communicating one’s own strengths in comparison to the competition
  • “Club Orange” – to communicate a new CI
  • “Red Roses” – high quality packaging to bring home for loved ones, to communicate the understanding of (also personal) supply chains 🙂
  • “Personally branded champagne bottle for each visitor” – to communicate the anniversary and individualised solutions
  • “Molecular” – with world famous molecular chef to communicate attention to detail.

We packaged the stories in architecture, we packaged them in communication before the fair, in the hotel, in the hotel rooms, at the airport, train station, in the restaurant and we made sure that the visitors took the stories home and told them there. In this way, our storytelling had an effect far beyond the 20sqm and for many years ensured attention and reach that most exhibitors at large trade fairs can only dream of.

This is what the customer says:

“fairconcept has developed 12 years of trade fair presentations worldwide for us, which have had an impact far beyond the boundaries of the stand. This has helped us to position ourselves clearly in the competitive environment and to be perceived by visitors as what we are: one of the top 5 brands in the logistics industry worldwide. Over the years, we have been able to increase the number of qualified discussions at our stand at transport logistic in Munich from 200 to over 800. Furthermore, this know-how has helped us to exhibit at other trade fairs in a non-specialist and successful way, as we have been able to roll out and scale our “system” almost everywhere.”

Live Content

Conception of exhibition stands

You need a stand concept that you can give to your stand builder or put out to tender. A concept that enables you not to have to compare apples and oranges in purchasing, but rather your perfect stand concept in order to be able to implement it with the best partner for it.

Analog solutions

Communication concept around the trade fair appearance

The following also applies to the trade fair: facts bore, emotions attract people. Exhibitors are therefore looking for a creative central idea that guides them through the phases before, during and after the fair and is the supporting story on their stand.

Applied services

Analog solutions

Tender for exhibition stands

You want to buy your perfect stand concept in the best possible way and need professional support for the tender.

Analog solutions

Trade fair training for analogue use

Trade fairs are now more important than ever in a digital B2B world. Especially here, many digital leads can be met in person in a short time. Preparing the team for this and getting them on board can be done digitally, but the day before, it’s time to get down to business.

This is

We are Anna Esche, Lars Lockemann and a large, dedicated team. For more than 21 years, we have been designing B2B trade fair participations with brains and passion, where the focus is on people. Bringing products in need of explanation closer to the appropriate target groups, that is our speciality. We work for our clients strategically and operationally, over many years or on a project basis. Or both. Nationally and internationally.

From the very beginning, we have thought of trade fairs differently. Today, we think of all B2B live communication differently: integrative, situational and always people-oriented. Because people buy from people.