Customers want to discover companies and experience products. With a range of more than 10,000 options, this is an exciting task.



Dekoration im Showroom von Pacovis in Metzingen, made by fairconcept
Dekoration im Showroom von Pacovis in Metzingen, made by fairconcept


Pacovis is the owner-managed family business from Switzerland and provider of technological knowledge, services and products for the food industry and gastronomy. Pacovis offers a wide range of packaging and consumables, spices, additives and technological knowledge for the food industry. For delicatessen, convenience, gastronomy, catering, bakeries, butchers, the HOGA industry, the Pacovis team offers a full range with more than 10,000 options.

The facts and figures at a glance: 7 locations worldwide, 550 employees, more than 90 years of industry expertise, 5,000 recipes, 12,000 articles and more than 12,000 customers.

Showroom at the company headquarters from the customer’s perspective

Where, if not at the company’s headquarters, can a company talk about itself in peace and quiet. But is that what visitors want to experience? Or is it precisely here that solutions for industries can be experienced?

“Die Fertigstellung eines Showrooms mit all seinen Details und dem Kundenfokus an jedem Touchpoint war für mich sehr besonders. Überraschungen zu planen und dann die Freude bei den Kunden zu sehen ist das schönste Ergebnis.”

Anna Esche


Anna Esche im Showroom von Pacovis in Metzingen


For customers from the gastronomy, catering, retail, ice cream manufacturers, butchers, cafés and bakeries, among others, Pacovis offers the following products in four product groups

+ Food Technology

+ Food Packaging

+ Consumables

+ Hygiene, Cleaning + Health and Safety

Pacovis offers a sophisticated product range with numerous options and variants in terms of sizes, product quality, sustainability, customisation options, etc.

For both customers and sales experts, the abundance leads to a need for a place that combines orientation, systematics and inspiration.

Clicking questions

  • What must a showroom fulfil in this mission?
  • How can a framework for functionality, brand design and variability of staging be built?
  • How can visitors be involved and motivated to participate?
  • How do we design a walk & talk for customers and employees that makes the world of Pacovis understandable in 10 minutes?


On the one hand, the natural combination of functionality and brand design is the starting point for maximum freedom of design for variable staging depending on the time of year, season, main themes and customer groups. Maximum multifunctionality is the success factor here.

Furthermore, the core services of the company must be presented in an entertaining, comprehensible and effective way in the smallest possible space. What counts here is not words, but staging. The showroom does not explain the company, but lets people touch, smell, taste and test products. People are also allowed to squeeze and squeeze to test the product quality in real life.

A maximum of one square metre is the motto in order to present the Pacovis Happy Facts vividly for each business area. During the short Walk&Talk, the employees can give customers a comprehensible insight into the entire portfolio of the Pacovis world.

Each industry has different customers and article requirements. Industry-specific presentation areas per customer segment make customer-specific presentations easy and at the same time always offer a view beyond the end of one’s nose. Inspiration from others is the skilful standard in the craft, food and gastronomy sectors.

Showroom von Pacovis in Metzingen by fairconcept
Showroom von Pacovis in Metzingen
Showroom von Pacovis in Metzingen

In addition to the ecological and resource-saving design and implementation, sustainability is created above all through intensive use with various event formats: internal and external, analogue and digital.

A showroom is a meeting place for trainees and employee teams in professional training or for creative workshop topics. Local companies and groups can use the showroom for their own event formats and, in the very near future, including freshly prepared food from the in-house show kitchen.

The showroom is a real meeting place and is already designed so that enthusiasm can go digital at the touch of a button.

All architectural and technical plans take into account the future use as a live studio for digital content. So that the “Happy to Serve Mentality” can be brought to the world by the Pacovis Germany team completely independent of location and with a maximum personal touch.

Anna Esche says

“For me, this project has brought a cross-generational circle full circle. My great-grandfather Ernst Gnutzmann was a master baker and confectioner, famous for his Christmas marzipan breads. My grandfather Prof.Dr. agr. Ernst Esche last worked at the Institute for Milk Utilisation with his own dairy. Completing a showroom with all its details and customer focus at every touchpoint was very special for me. Planning surprises and then seeing the joy in the customers is the most beautiful result.”

This is

We are Anna Esche, Lars Lockemann and a large, dedicated team. For more than 21 years, we have been designing B2B trade fair participations with brains and passion, where the focus is on people. Bringing products in need of explanation closer to the appropriate target groups, that is our speciality. We work for our clients strategically and operationally, over many years or on a project basis. Or both. Nationally and internationally.

From the very beginning, we have thought of trade fairs differently. Today, we think of all B2B live communication differently: integrative, situational and always people-oriented. Because people buy from people.