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At fairconcept you get concepts and strategies for innovative B2B Live-Communication in industrial and small and medium-sized enterprises – analogue and digital. Become a digital pioneer and expand your lead in marketing and sales.
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fairconcept: 21 years of Live experience

Rethink your Live-communication strategy. We accompany you through the entire process. From workshops to conception to realisation and with training for your team.
  • analogue next to digital
  • Stories instead of features
  • Advice instead of sprinkling
  • live and love communication
  • convince as experts
  • als Experten überzeugen

Digital edge

Customer loyalty

Digital edge

Customer loyalty

Digital edge Digital

Live Communication is our passion

Every product and every service sells through emotions. For products that require explanation, one of the most important emotions is trust.
Gain trust and retain customers with a lasting strategy for your year-round Live Communication. Digital and analogue in effective combination.

For your target groups


For your target groups


For your target groups

Raise your Live-Communication to a new level. Become a pioneer in your industry and a recognised expert on your topics. With our support, you will understand your customers and their needs even better. Get into communication earlier. Build contacts long before your competitors even think about it.
Relax and unwind the touch points with your target groups. Communicate personally and be there when your customers need you. Or even better: before your customers need you.
Take your B2B communication to the next level:
  • Storytelling: Inspiring and retaining people
  • Expertise: Building and developing trust
  • Addressing: Reaching the heart and mind of your target groups

Conversion made easy

Live stack

Conversion made easy

Live stack

Conversion made easy

Benefit from our experience with trade fair participations in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as with digital events and teams from marketing and sales. Together we create the perfect framework conditions for you. Individually adapted to your resources and your goals. Use a customised setup of high-quality technical equipment and helpful software tools. And involve your teams in the new tasks. Live-Communication on all channels: We support you!
Nutzen Sie unsere über 21-jährige Erfahrung in der B2B-Live-Kommunikation auch für Ihre digitale Transformation.

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our customers say

Katrin Tscherner

Sales Director,
Antalis Verpackungen

I have been working with Anna Esche on complex sales and marketing projects for years. Above all, her unconditional focus on the needs of our clients is valuable to me. My teams benefit from her practical orientation and strength of implementation. I appreciate the honest and personally committed cooperation with intensive exchange, never-ending questions for reflection and, last but not least, a lot of fun.

Armin Herger

Geschäftsführer SPECK Pumpen,

Excellent customer service and personal proximity are our claim at Speck Pumpen. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, we looked for digital alternatives for the best customer contact as well as new business contact.
The team at fairconcept provided us with strategic, competent and highly flexible support in the conception and implementation of our digital live communication. We produce in our own studio with our teams and regularly offer our customers and interested parties digital live events on our own website. The success proves us right and we are looking forward to being in the best connection with our customers live and in person on all channels in the future as well.

Agnese Zīmele

Project Manager,
Investment and Development
Agency of Latvia

This morning we concluded our webinar series on the topic of “Digital Events”. Three sessions with many valuable insights, practical tasks and interesting discussions. I can truly say that I have never been so positively charged after any webinar I have organised or participated in so far. This is also confirmed by our participants in their feedback.
Thank you Lars Lockemann and Anna Esche for accompanying me on this journey! I could not have chosen better speakers for this topic.

Andine Fecker

Marketing Manager Deutschland,

With the team from fairconcept, we have done all our major trade fairs and showrooms in the last 12 years. Thanks to their conceptual strength, our trade fairs have developed into real highlights of our sales communication. The project management, trimmed to perfection, has led each of these projects calmly and safely to the finish line, despite intercontinental teams in some cases – definitely recommendable.


Our services

Emotions instead of features

Some Live-Strategies end up as a flash in the pan when personal encounters can no longer take place. The initial enthusiasm for digital solutions is followed by disillusionment and resignation. A common mistake is that only features are communicated. How boring! A coherent content strategy works wonders: it arouses curiosity, is fun and communicates benefits.
This is how we develop your content strategy:
  • Interviews with target groups
  • Analysis of the customer journey
  • Identify themes and messages
  • Present benefits in concrete terms
  • Create useful content
  • Generate leads
  • Project management


365/24/7 in contact

We see how B2C brands successfully play Live digital channels on YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. And we learn from that every day. Depending on the task, you can also use external platforms and tools. Then we create the framework for you, put together teams, rent studios and bring the entire setup. Or you can let the digital content take place as owned media on your own website and under your control. To make this easy, we offer you a software solution developed by us for this purpose. You also have two options for content production: You produce internally in the future. In that case, we will set up the necessary equipment for you. Or you commission us. Then you get the finished content from us. We will be happy to advise you when which solution is most advantageous for you. We can also do that for you:
  • Develop and realise your brand studio for in-house productions
  • Build a professional setup for your webinars
  • Producing webinars or showing how to do it
  • Develop formats and content especially for you
  • Project management


How to

Use and strengthen the talents of your employees. Who is particularly engaging on the phone? Who convinces with sympathy at the trade fair stand? Who wants to be in front of the camera and who explains even the most complex products in an easy-to-understand way in a webinar or podcast? With in-house teams for your external communication, you retain sovereignty over the content.
We make your teams even stronger:
  • Setting goals in the kick-off meeting
  • Discover and promote talents
  • Conduct individual coaching sessions
  • train digital conversation skills
  • Design webinars that inspire
  • Generate leads
  • Project management


Live encounters

Nothing beats face-to-face encounters when you want to create a personal bond. Proximity and informal exchange deepen trust: People understand each other, like each other and share common experiences. We have felt and lived this in over 21 years and in countless trade fair planning projects for our customers. You should not do without this in your B2B communication in the future. Even in times of digital Live communication, we believe in the power of Live encounters at trade fairs and provide you with suitable trade fair concepts:
  • Create stand and participation concepts
  • Everything from planning to implementation
  • Tendering and purchasingf
  • Generate leads
  • Project management

Living customer relationships

Hybrid trade fairs or conferences are neither optimally designed as a Live-Event nor as an online event. They are only a compromise. We rely on hybrid Live strategies with digital Live elements as a foundation and with trade fairs as Live highlights. Merge your Live communication and your digital communication into a new, holistic strategy. This creates proximity and trust.

Let's get to know each other!


Live Content Workshop

Starting out in the world of digital live communication can be difficult if you don’t know where and how to begin. Especially for teams, a structured start is valuable.
  • Deconstructing elements of analogue live communication
  • Development of possible formats
  • Tools for implementation
  • Setup for production
  • Increasing reach through secondary use of content

from € 3.500,-

Design of digital formats

Formats and content designed to meet the needs of target groups are the greatest success factor for live digital content. Whether for in-house or external implementation.
  • Information needs of your target groups
  • Topics and messages that serve these needs
  • Formats that convey these messages
  • Channels in which the formats are effective

from € 12.500,-

More packages

  • Modular digital training
  • Your own brand studio
  • Team coaching
  • Digital conferences
  • Conception of trade fair stands
  • Development of a live content hub on your own website
  • External live content production
  • Advanced training offers

This is

We are Anna Esche, Lars Lockemann and a large, dedicated team. For more than 21 years, we have been designing B2B trade fair participations with brains and passion, where the focus is on people. Bringing products in need of explanation closer to the appropriate target groups, that is our speciality. We work for our clients strategically and operationally, over many years or on a project basis. Or both. Nationally and internationally. From the very beginning, we thought of trade fairs differently. Today, we think of all B2B Live communication differently: integrative, situational and always people-oriented. Because people buy from people.

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