How much does communication cost?

Become a digital pioneer. Our packages support you with orientation and inspiration. Of course, you can combine and use other or additional services at any time.

Live Content Workshop

Digital formats and content

Entering the world of digital live communication can be difficult if you don’t know where and how to start. Especially for teams, a structured introduction to the topic is valuable in order to be able to decide afterwards whether, and if so what, should be realised with whom.

Among others, the following questions have to be answered after the workshop:

You will receive:

Answers to the above questions in the form of a written evaluation of the workshop with concrete recommendations for action for implementation. The workshop lasts 4-6 hours and currently takes place remotely.

Target group

Ambitious newcomers to digital live marketing who have no time for trial & error and who want to do the right things right from the start as part of a team.
Pricing from € 3.500,-

Conception of digital formats

With a guide to implementation

If you need live digital formats and want to have them designed in such a concrete way that you can go straight into your own implementation afterwards, either in-house or with external support, this is the offer for you.

The following questions, among others, are considered in the conceptual design

You will receive

A written concept in which all questions asked are answered in such a way that you can then start directly with the implementation. For this purpose, conceptual contents are illustrated graphically and textually as examples and the technical framework required for implementation is defined.

Target group

Live professionals who already know what they want and need concepts that can be implemented.  
Pricing from € 12.500,-

Development of themes and messages

The common thread in communication

You know which formats you want to play out and you are aware that your offers need an overarching story to transport the topics and messages permanently? That people are interested in “a hole in the wall and not the speed of a drill”. You can get the common thread that holds everything together across all media here.

Questions that are answered in this context, for example

You will receive

A visual and textual creative concept that can be directly implemented.

Target group

Live professionals who want to give their existing formats a new shine and communicate across channels in a value-added way.
Pricing from € 8.500,-

Kickstart your Live Content

Everything it takes to get started

You want to go on air, but you don’t know what with, where or how. From goal definition, content development and planning to production set-up and the first productions, do you want everything from a single source?

These and even more questions are answered for it:

You will receive

A complete DLM concept including a full implementation plan as well as the planning and preparation of the first two broadcasts and the editorial planning for the first 6 months. The goal is the implementation of own live productions.

Target group

Decision-makers who know what they want, but rely on the extensive support of professionals. Also to give their team security in the long-term implementation.
Pricing from € 21.500,-

Live content marketing

Build your own reach

Reach is the be-all and end-all in communication. Where companies cannot rely on the target group access of others, they have to build up their own reach. In addition to their own CRM, they need a coherent strategy that sensibly combines and uses their own, external and paid channels. Ideally, even the analogue channels, such as a trade fair.

The following questions are answered for this purpose:

You will receive

A written marketing concept that includes the relevant channels researched and their potential reach. Furthermore, you will receive a recommendation for formats for organic and paid content.

Target group

Live professionals who have successfully digitised but now realise that they lack the necessary reach.
Pricing from € 5.500,-

Modular digital training

Our top seller for digital use

Employees are a decisive success factor in B2B communication. Sooner or later, all communication measures are aimed at talking to target groups. Preparation and support promote the quality and thus the success of these conversations – a World Cup in sport has never been won with a one-off training. Digital training can be modular and kept short and compact at regular intervals – this promotes the learning curve and sustainability.

Modules are for example:

You will receive

A modular and interactive training concept including preparation and implementation, 60-90 minutes per module.

Target group

Live professionals who know that their team is the most important thing and are therefore willing to invest in it.
Pricing: Training concept with 4 modules for up to 20 participants incl. implementation € 7.500,-

Trade fair training for analogue use

The classic for analogue use

In a digital B2B world, trade fairs are more important than ever. Especially here, many digital leads can be met in person in a short time. Preparing and engaging the team for this can be done digitally, but the day before, it’s live.

Our trade fair trainings include

You will receive

A one-day training session to prepare your team for stand operations.

Target group

Live professionals who know that their team is the most important thing and are therefore willing to invest in it.
Pricing: from € 2.500,-

Team coaching

For accompaniment in the transformation

Marketing and sales teams are facing the most profound changes of the last decades. These changes can be managed more easily if there is an external professional to guide processes, assist with difficult tasks and moderate conflicts. Or is simply available as a sparring partner for a change. That’s what we call coaching.

Topics are, for example

You will receive

A professional coach with many years of practical and theoretical experience in all areas of marketing and sales.

Target group

Team leaders and managers who recognise that teams do not want to be left on their own in change.
Pricing: Daily rate from € 1.200,-

Coaching of individuals

With potential analysis

Every person is different. To help everyone be the best version of themselves, sometimes it takes an initial spark and guidance in discovering and developing their own potential – we call this individual coaching.

The following procedure has proven to be effective

You will receive

a coaching programme individually tailored to your employees.

Target group

Managers who are aware that employees are their most valuable resource.
Pricing: Daily rate from € 1.200,-

Further training offers

In-house instead of external seminars

Sometimes it needs food for the brain. No training, no coaching. New employees are to be trained in a topic. Or the members of an association have a common theme. In such cases, it can makesense to conduct the training in-house, individually tailored to your needs. This is also an opportunity for the “old hands” to refresh their knowledge.

Topics for such seminars are for example

You will receive

An individually tailored one-day (analogue) or two-day (digital) seminar for up to 20 participants. Theoretical content is integrated in combination with group work for practical consolidation.

Target group

Companies that want to train more than 2 employees in one topic, and associations that offer their members appropriate training.
Pricing: from € 2.000,-

Development of a live content hub on the own website

Your own website as a digital event platform

You would like to offer live digital content on a regular basis and make it available on demand afterwards? Would you prefer to offer this on your own website instead of using third-party tools? You do not have the human and budgetary resources to develop your own IT infrastructure “from scratch” – you would rather have a turnkey solution that adapts seamlessly to your CI?

The following questions must be answered

You will receive

A fully integrated live content solution that turns any website into its own digital event platform.

Target group

Live professionals who are convinced that valuable content and traffic belong on their own website and not in external tools.
Pricing: One-off setup from € 4.500,-
ongoing costs according to frequency and scope of events

Your own brand studio

Live content production internal

More and more companies are producing semi-professional live digital content permanently in-house. This offers maximum control and flexibility. This requires more than a good webcam and pretty PPT slides.

The following questions must be answered

You will receive

An executable architectural concept as well as a purchasable technical set-up. If desired, also the appropriate training in front of and behind the camera.

Target group

Live professionals who are convinced that PPT and Keynote slides are not live content.
Pricing: from € 14.500,-

Digital conferences

Conception and implementation

Live content all well and good, but you simply want to run an (in-house) trade fair and/or conference yourself. For this, you are looking for a suitable platform that offers exactly what you need?

Questions that are interesting in this context

You will receive

A written concept that takes into account all identified needs in terms of content, space and time. This includes the definition of relevant content, the resulting development of suitable formats and the determination of the platforms necessary for implementation. The package is rounded off by a marketing concept to build up the relevant own reach. Creative services (graphics, text, etc.) are not part of this offer.

Target group

Live professionals who want to implement large digital formats and need support.
Pricing: from € 12.500,-

Live content production external

Rent a Studio

You know what you want to do and you are ready to produce. But you don’t want to do it yourself, you want to outsource it. You don’t want your own internal studio either, but a place where everything is already ready for you and you just have to get in front of the camera.

We answer the following questions in this process

You will receive

A ready-to-play location in which you can go on air without further preparation and in which the infrastructure required for streaming is ready, OR a corresponding mobile solution with which we come to you.

Target group

Live professionals who want to go live in an uncomplicated, effortless and professional way.
Pricing: from € 4.500,-/Tag

Conception of exhibition stands

The classic

You need a stand concept that you can give to your stand builder or put out to tender. A concept that puts you in a position where you don’t have to compare apples and oranges in purchasing, but rather your perfect stand concept, in order to be able to implement it with the best partner for it.

The concept answers the following questions

You will receive

Tender-ready data (drawings, plans, views, visualisations) provided digitally.

Target group

Live professionals who don’t want just any concept, but the one that suits them exactly.
Pricing: from € 8.500,-

Tender for exhibition stands

The Smart One

You want to buy your perfect stand concept in the best possible way and need professional support for the tender.

The following questions must be clarified after the tender:

You will receive

a transparent tendering process in which you will be kept informed at all times. Finally, we hand over all (negotiated) offers with a recommendation for the stand builder to be commissioned.

Target group

Live professionals who want truly comparable offers and transparency in the tender process and are looking for the best value for money.
Pricing: from € 4.500,-

Communication concept around the trade fair appearance

The common thread for your trade fair participation

The following also applies to the trade fair: facts bore, emotions attract people. Exhibitors are therefore looking for a creative central idea that guides them through the phases before, during and after the fair and is the supporting story on their stand.

The following questions will be answered in this framework:

You will receive

a visual and textual creative concept with examples of media-neutral play in all three phases around the trade fair.

Target group

Live professionals who know that a trade fair participation is more than just a stand.
Pricing: from € 8.500,-