Sustainability at fairconcept


We do not have a “green” history.

“Being fair” is deeply anchored in our DNA. We live and love fair treatment of people, whether employees, partners, suppliers, service providers or customers. For us, being fair also means consciously using resources: time, budgets, processes, health, the environment and finances.

That is our heart. For 23 years. That’s why we work the way we do. That’s why we’re called fairconcept.

“We are convinced that we can have a positive impact as a small company. Size alone is not decisive. We have experienced this many times in over 2 decades. Of course, we are aware that as size grows, so do the levers.

We face up to our social responsibility as entrepreneurs. We are concerned with our very concrete and measurable contribution. We consider this important because we want to be both a role model and part of the solution. Whether socially, economically or ecologically, we want to do what is possible and feasible for us to make our positive contribution.”


For the first time, we have determined our carbon footprint for the ecological aspect of sustainability. Despite all the justified criticism of the footprint concept, it is a good yardstick for identifying our own levers. We make this balance comprehensible to all through transparency and show it here. We have set ourselves an ambitious target for 2023 and aim to reduce this footprint by 50%.

We are foregoing compensation and focusing on reduction as a first step. We can actively influence this. We are also convinced that projects in the global South that promote sustainability are important and valuable. It is obvious that these projects are dependent on support from the global north.

We make our contribution here by traditionally supporting 2 selected projects in and for the global south. Financially and organizationally.


TRAVEL We “date and meet” (almost exclusively) digitally. We conduct meetings digitally. Due to our remote-only work approach, we traditionally rely on meetings, internally, with our partners, but also with customers. With very few exceptions, we conduct these meetings digitally. Seminars and workshops mainly online We conduct seminars on behalf of various partners. Whenever it makes sense, we hold most of them digitally. Knowledge transfer works better digitally, more efficiently and saves a lot of time for all participants. The same applies to many workshops. We travel by train We do without all flights of less than 800km and switch to the train.


We create transparency regarding our own balance sheet.

We publish our carbon footprint with all important information on the status of our emission levels and their development.

We inform
With our pilot project on CO2 balancing of trade fair participations, we have determined on our own what exhibitors can already do today. We share the results of the pilot project transparently and in full with all interested parties from companies, agencies and trade fair construction. For free, without acquisition pressure.

Solutions for our customers

We advise and support companies that want to become active in the field of sustainable trade fairs & events, both with an entry-level offer and with customized solutions for implementing their own sustainability strategy in live communication. This not only helps the environment, but also demonstrably saves money in budgets.

We have been supporting the Baobab Children Foundation in Ghana since 2002. Financially every year, but regularly also personally on site. Here, we mainly contribute our know-how regarding teams, processes and project management.

Every year we realize a live communication project on a voluntary basis. This means that we and our team provide our full services for free. Only the external costs are covered by the project. This year we support Managers without Borders in the conception and realization of the ACT NOW Awards 2023, focusing this year on female founders from Africa. Awards will be given to the 6 best young start-ups.